Children’s health needs to pay attention to

1.A drink drink, drink plenty of water. A variety of beverages such as soda water, fruit juice, cola contains more sugar and electrolytes, excessive intake of can affect the appetite and digestive function, children to exercise after sweating more best drink plenty of water to supplement the water. 2. diet should not be too light. Hot summer child easy to get angry, but the child is in the growth and… Read Article →

Spring children’s health care knowledge

Spring children’s health care knowledge First, the weather is changeable in spring and epidemic season, in order to ensure the health of children, so that children in the spring, reducing the chance of illness, and introduces several child care knowledge to parents. 1, increase or decrease in children’s clothing should be appropriate, it would be decided to wear clothes according to the weather. 2, infectious diseases in the spring season,… Read Article →

The method of health care Lie down and do the hamstring stretch

The method of health care¬†What I do want to find the best way to hamstring stretch it? You might want to try to lie down and give it a try, if not the coach watching your movements are correct, there is a method for the following: Stick your back on the floor, one leg stretched flat on the floor, the other leg stretched on the wall, let yourself close to… Read Article →

Gymnastics should expand back

“Chest” or chest movement, is that everyone knows that everyone will do. The “spread back” I am afraid that few people know. In fact, from the perspective of disease prevention, expanding back more of its unique. TCM Viscera theory that the method of health care: the body’s internal organs (internal organs) hidden inside, and its function is manifested on the outside, the internal and external communication, by the blood of… Read Article →

The method of health care Many elderly people practicing stretching exercises

The method of health care Stretching exercises help the body lymph flow and joints to relax, can enhance the body’s flexibility, relaxing muscles, helps relieve fatigue caused by long-term sitting, such as with massage can enhance metabolism, improve internal organs function. In addition, stretching exercises like training equipment prone to injury, sports injuries can be reduced to improve balance can also help. You may wish to ask the elderly to… Read Article →

The method of health care Stretch muscles loose limbs

Buddhist practitioners believe that the method of health care¬†stretching limbs bones, muscles, not only can stabilize the body and mind, relax muscles, promote blood circulation, but also improve physical fitness, improve heart and lung function, but will also develop a positive and optimistic attitude to life, physical and mental coordination, have an assistant Prevention a variety of chronic pain illness. The first one breath, legs straight and close together, focus… Read Article →

Exercise daily stretching exercises

Soft stretching exercises to practice every day, we can increase the body’s flexibility and softness, and elasticity of soft is a characterization of health. The more elastic body softer, more able to cope with all sorts of challenges, and difficult to be injured. Physiology experts pointed out that we should get into the habit, often stretching exercise activities. It should be directed to maintain the posture and the usual opposite…. Read Article →

There tendons shrink because there are laws Lycopodium

Possible causes muscle contraction are: 1. tummy, lying down reading 2. nest on the sofa watching TV 3. The long desk 4. Lack of exercise 5. The long drive 6. prolonged stooping. Wax huddled housework Tendons should sooner the better, but not too late when the practice, if from now insist on training, perseverance, absolutely good for the body. Six or seven year-old man can protect muscle workout, but not… Read Article →

Line station Jianjining law

Appropriate walking or running, favor limb tendon or tendons flexible and robust. Tendons, refers to the organization contacted the joints, muscles, functional role, including ligaments, tendons. Fascia and so on. Bars and “meat” (muscle) both functions are on the main role of the Secretary movement, physically also rely on the blood of nourishment. Description tendons and flesh in order to function. Physiological facets are closely related. So, to say, as… Read Article →

Anti-exercise muscle health arteriosclerosis

Many elderly sleeping at night leg cramps often occur, they thought it was caused by calcium deficiency. In fact, many causes cramps, A considerable part of the leg blood circulation related. Studies have confirmed that most of the elderly and atherosclerosis leg cramps, leg blood supply disorders. After arteriosclerosis, reduced blood supply to the legs, poor blood flow, blood metabolites can not be taken away, when accumulated to a certain… Read Article →